Are your products in compliance with the Energy Efficiency requirements?

Find out how UL’s services can help you.

As global demand for energy consumption continues to increase, the race to build more energy efficient products intensifies. Manufacturers in particular are being pressured to meet more demanding mandatory efficiency regulations around the world. UL has expanded our energy efficiency services to help you satisfy regulators across the globe.

UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is a global leader in Energy Efficiency Product Testing and Certification, supporting businesses throughout the entire product development, testing and certification cycle.

UL is your full service ENERGY STAR® partner. Our EPA recognized Testing Laboratories around the world can perform qualification and verification testing on 37 ENERGY STAR® product categories and are an EPA recognized Certification Body (CB) for 44 products. This provides businesses with the ability to streamline the energy efficiency certification processes across multiple regulatory requirements.

UL meet all your global business needs with certifications for CEC for California, ErP Directive for Europe, CONUEE for Mexico and NRCan for Canada. Our technical expertise and insight into the evolving rules can help our customers quickly cut through regulatory complexity.


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