Leiden (NL), April 10, 2014: UL is proud to announce the completion of a thorough review of the security architecture designed by Breeze Technologies as the core of their e-Ticketing platform.

blur_train_9223381Breeze Technologies Company Limited is developing software solutions in the area of fare media collection in Russia. Their latest development is a centralized solution for processing public transport transactions comprising of the card platform and back-office systems based on globally recognized industry standards. Aiming to achieve an even higher level of security, Breeze Technologies asked UL to perform a review of the security architecture.

UL completed the review after a thorough examination of design and technical documentation from a security point of view. An in-depth system and vulnerability analysis was performed resulting in recommendations for mitigation measures increasing the currently already high level of security. On top of that UL advised Breeze Technologies on future proof enhancements to their existing security architecture based on globally recognized and proven fare media platforms and global, open standards.

UL was pleased to be able to provide advice and support to such an experienced and state-of-the-art company. Breeze Technologies is now ready for the next steps in improving their design and implementation, making it future proof.

The new multi-modal card from Breeze Technologies aims to improve the quality of passenger service and make public transport more attractive to use. Breeze Technologies’ design and implementation provides a solid foundation for automated fare collection systems. Their e-Ticketing solution is developed for some of the largest transport operators in Russia, carrying millions of passengers per day, and ready for implementation. Both UL and Breeze Technologies are looking forward to the adoption of global standards in e-Ticketing systems worldwide and specifically in the Russian market.