The objective of the Singapore Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Registration Scheme or CPS Scheme is to safeguard consumers’ interest by ensuring household products, designated as controlled goods, meet the specified safety standards.

The registration must be supported with Certificate of Compliance (COC) issued by designated Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) located in Singapore or MRA partners, i.e. CABs (Local) or CABs (Foreign – MRA) respectively.

UL Singapore is a designated CAB under CPS Scheme to issue COC for 26 Controlled Goods as shown below:

  1. Adaptor
  2. Home computer system
  3. Any other audio products
  4. Coffee maker, slow cooker, steam boat and similar appliances
  5. Cooker range
  6. Hair dryer
  7. High-fidelity set
  8. Iron
  9. Kettle
  10. Laser disc set
  11. Mixer, blender, mincer and similar appliances
  12. Refrigerator
  13. Rice cooker
  14. Table/Standing lamp
  15. Table/Standing fan
  16. Toaster, grill, oven and similar appliances
  17. Television/ Video display unit
  18. Vacuum cleaner
  19. Video cassette recorder
  20. Wall fan
  21. Decorative lighting fixture
  22. Immersion water heater
  23. Microwave oven
  24. Washing machine
  25. Ballast for tubular fluorescent lamp
  26. Isolating transformer for down-light fitting


Once the model has been registered with the Safety Authority, the controlled goods can then be advertised and/or supplied in Singapore.

Key Highlights of the scheme include:

  1. Suppliers who wish to supply the controlled goods into Singapore would first have to register with the Safety Authority before submitting their controlled goods to a CAB (Local) or CAB (Foreign – MRA) for certification.
  2. The COC is valid for a period of 3 years.
  3. All appliances must be tested to 230 VAC, 50 Hz.
  4. Test certificate / Test report more than three (3) years old shall be rejected.

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