With a team of experienced professionals in ASEAN with proven expertise in nearly every consumer product category, UL’s comprehensive quality inspections provide a vital check from pre-production through loading. Providing quality services to assist clients in meeting the growing challenges of requirements for product quality and safety in market.


In-Line/In-Process/During Production Inspection (DUPRO)
Provide quality checks at the start or during production to ensure products complied as per the client’s requirement and possible occurrence quality issue during production.

Pre-Shipment Final Random Inspection
Provide Final Random Inspection prior to shipment to verify Quality, Packaging, Labeling and Carton Marking to comply as per the client’s requirement.

Loading Inspection
Provide Loading Inspection at Factory, Warehouse or Port to ensure loaded products and quantity are of accurate,  and quality of containers used are in good conditions.

Production Monitoring
Work directly with the client’s manufacturers by placing an inspector on-site to monitor the manufacturing process from Incoming Raw materials to finished products.

Forest Audit
Conduct audit on behalf of the client for timber supplying Lumber Mill on Traceability, Environment and Social aspect.

Factory Quality and Capability Audit
Conduct initial assessment on quality and capability of Factory for Factory Profile, Facility and Equipment, Product Quality Management, Material and Manufacturing Process, etc.

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