UL Consumer Technology Laboratory specializes in providing product reliability, connectivity and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing services across a huge range of industries in ASEAN region and globally. We work with manufacturers to ensure their products are reliable and meet international regulatory standards. Our expertise helps customers to access world markets, bringing products to market on time and within your budget. UL Consumer Technology Laboratory sets itself apart from the competition because of the following key differences:

  1. We are one of the leading test labs in this region to facilitate our customer’s success in the global marketplace by providing accurate and consistent test results.
  2. We have strong expertise commitment to delivering cost effective and value added test services to meet your business needs.
  3. Our accredited test reports are accepted by worldwide regulatory bodies and agencies.
  4. We are capable of supporting your needs by delivering a one-stop solution for your convenience.
  5. Our state-of-the-art equipment and modern facilities are able to meet all your test specifications.
  6. The high level of dedication from our personnel add value to your experience with UL.
  7. No other test lab offers the best customer responsiveness that UL Lab delivers every day.


Located in Singapore, UL Consumer Technology Laboratory has been delivering product testing for over 20 years. Our team has decades of experience in products testing, so you can rest assured that we will take care of your testing needs – thus leaving you with more time to spend focusing on your business.


UL’s advanced testing ability and knowledge:

  • 3-meter and 10-meter semi-anechoic chambers.
  • UL Consumer Technology Laboratory EMC Test Facilities are accredited by SAC-SINGLAS, FCC, VCCI, IDA Singapore.
  • Various sizes of climatic Chambers, Vibration Machine, Shock and Drop Tester.
  • LAN and USB, Fax, Energy Efficiency Testing. ( EPA Energy Star approved Laboratory)


A Global Network
UL’s global network of dedicated electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing facilities provides comprehensive, cost-effective assessments of electronic products that must comply with EMC regulatory requirements. Our custom testing solutions enhance process efficiency and reduce testing cycles, helping you meet demanding time-to-market needs.

Visit our Service Detail Pages on EMC Testing for more information about UL’s global EMC capabilities, or complete the online form for more information on how UL can assist you with your testing requirements to EMC Standards.

Consumer Technology Division

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