April 21, 2016 - April 21, 2016

Dear valued customers,

We have the pleasure to invite you to attend our FREE Web-Seminar, “The Impact of Interoperability”. Please kindly find the details below, and we are looking forward to your entries.


Interoperability Issues? Find them before your customer does!


As the reality of the internet of things approaches, a robust interoperability program is more important than ever.

Join us to learn about 5 critical things you need to know about interoperability testing.

* This webinar is presented in ENGLISH ONLY.


Date:                2016/4/21(Thu)

Time:                14:30 Japan Time (14:30 Korea, 13:30 Singapore, 11:00 India)

Place:               Online Session (Using Go To Webinar )

Presenter:         Paul Blackett


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After the session, you will know;

  • What is interoperability testing?
  • What types of products need interoperability testing?
  • Why isn’t certification testing enough?
  • When is IOP testing most applicable?
  • What makes UL interoperability testing unique?
  • What is the return on investment?
  • How does this affect my brand and the end user?