June 9, 2015

Overview of Workshop

This 2 days training workshop intend to help the participant to the principle and understanding of good EMI / EMC practices, Measurements and Setup, the standard EMC compliances and techniques that available to help with new designs that meet EMC and EMI compliance. The practical session will help the participants understand more on the actual testing setup and also how to analyze the result during the measurement. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) means that the device is compatible with its electromagnetic (EM) environment, and it does not emit levels of EM energy that cause EMI (electromagnetic interference) in other devices in the vicinity. Every designer and tester should be aware of these considerations and design product with ensure EMC compliance by meeting EMI regulatory requirements. By properly understanding the EMC standards, setup and measurement, products can be made meeting EMC compliance with minimum cost and time.

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Venue 1: Holiday Inn Atrium 317 Outram Road   Singapore 169075

Date: Wednesday, 9th June 2015

Time: 08:30 hr – Registration 09:00 hr – 17:00hr – Workshop


Venue 2:  Laboratory Practical Session

UL International Singapore Pte Ltd

20 Kian Teck Lane #02-00PT Singapore 627854

Date: Thursday 10th June 2015

Time: 09:00 hr – 17:00hr – Workshop


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Chong Leng Boon: Tel: +65 9749 7496
Email: LengBoon.Chong@ul.com
Robin Tan: Tel +65 9655 5919
Email: Robin.Tan@ul.com
Joanna Tan: Tel: +65 6854 7972
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